A Digital Toolkit Pack With Features To Improve Your Organizations Performance

The original concept of Tenants Hub was to create a tenant involvement platform, to support Landlords to engage with all their tenants across their housing stock; whether that is a high-rise development, a housing estate, or locations across the country.

The platform grew from an engagement app to have the ability to fulfill other business needs, see a selection of our plugins below. They all work independently, or as a collective. So your digital services can expand as your user confidence grows - we have got you covered.



Social allows for your customers, staff, and associates to all connect with each other either in public forums or in private groups.



Whether a one-question poll, service satisfaction feedback to a full survey - this plugin can do it all.


Incentivised Engagement / Rewards

We all like a thank you for doing something, every time you tenants get involved, they can earn points to get the prizes you choose offer.


Project Management

Help manage projects and track the team's performance targets, budgets, with Gantt charts, kanbans, etc.


Complaints Tracker

A tool that can manage the process and visually show the stages of the complaints to everyone involved.


Property Management

From tenancy onboarding, assets management, rent collection, balance sheet - this is your complete housing management tool.


Estate Inspections

Using a smartphone, your staff members can complete a visual audit of your properties and upload all issues and concerns, which get messaged directly to your tenants.


Technical Support / Help Desk

The power to manage voice calls, messages, voice messages, video calls to report issues via our Connect app, all stored and managed on this platform.


Customer Service Desk

The first point of contact for all incoming communications from your tenants, via the Connect app messages and tickets can be raised.


Task Timer

A selection of tools to be able to review tasks being completed and producing data to give efficiency audits.


Online Teaching

Virtual classrooms that give a space to deliver live training, recorded sessions, and multiple-choice testing.



Hold your virtual team meeting, safely and securely without being listened to.


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Tenants Hub
Our Toolkit Packed Into An App

You and your tenants are able to use all the features listed above, on the go with our app.

Live chat

Live Chat

Connect directly with voice calling, text messaging, audio messages, sending photos and videos.



Video support

Video Support

Think of the unlimited benefits of being able to Video chat with your tenants for housing or repair issues.

Access to services

Access to Services

Get full access to all the platform features from the app.

Tenant approved

Tenant Approved

Our app have been developed and tested with tenants.